Version 2.3.6 of simulations stack available via `eups distrib install`

eups distrib install lsst_sims -t sims will now get you version 2.3.6 of the LSST Simulations Stack. Most of the changes that come with this version are bugfixes to maintain compatibility with new releases of third party packages (the release was motivated by a change in pandas).

Release notes:

  • cache_LSST_seds() now takes kwargs that allow you to control the size of the wavelength grid stored in the cache of SEDs.

  • InstanceCatalog iterators now filter rows on self.cannot_be_null, mimicking the behavior of InstanceCatalog.write_catalog())

  • LightCurveGenerators have been vectorized to speed up light curve generation.

  • Supernova catalog simulations can correctly calculate magnitude uncertainty when flux from the supernova is zero.

  • sims_skybrightness_pre includes seeing degradation in its percentile calculation.

  • sims_movingObjects can correctly read in .s3m files.

  • Plotting scripts in MAF have been updated to maintain python 3 compatibility (there was a bug that occurred when certain axis limits were set to None).