Updates to /repo/dc2 at NCSA

With lots of help from @jchiang, I’ve just finished a number of updates to the /repo/dc2 data repository at NCSA that its users should be aware of:

  • About 600k new raw files have been added, which should extend the data repository to the entirety of DC2 run 2.2i. That includes DR6 WFD raws we had intended to transfer for DP0 earlier, but did not (due to a not-yet-diagnosed bug or miscommunication), as well as raws that we do not intend to include in any DP0 processing.

  • The 2.2i/raw/test-med-1 collection has been updated to include missing raws from exposures that overlap tracts 3828 and 3829. This automatically updates the 2.2i/defaults/test-med-1 collection.

  • New 2.2i/raw/DR6/WFD and 2.2i/raw/DR6/DDF TAGGED collections include just raws for the wide-fast-deep and deep-drilling-field layers of DR6. The former is also referenced by the new CHAINED collections
    2.2i/raw/DP0.2 (just an alias) and 2.2i/defaults/DP0.2 (also includes calibs, refcats, and skymaps).

  • The old 2.2i/defaults/DP0 collection has been removed to reduce the possibility that somebody will use it accidentally, when they really want one of the new ones. The old 2.2i/raw/DP0 collection has been retained as a record of what is in the DP0.1 IDF data repository (unfortunately, it’s now quite hard to remove or rename, as it’s already referenced by other CHAINED collections).

  • All visit and visit-detector regions have been redefined with 250-pixel padding, which is the new default identified on DM-30030.

Note that these changes are not being synced to the IDF data repository for DP0.1, but we expect that these updates will be incorporated one way or another in the IDF DP0.2 data repository.