Time Series in DP0?

Is there time series data in DP0 for light curves? If so, how can that be accessed?

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There are variable stars and Type Ia supernova in the simulated images. These objects will be among the sources detected in the Processed Visit Images (PVIs). The measurement data, such as photometry, for all sources detected in PVIs is stored in the ‘src’ catalog, which is available via the Butler.

Light curves could be built by associating sources detected at the same coordinates in successive PVIs. (Note that difference imaging is not included in the DP0.1 processing.)

Tutorial notebook number 4, Intro to the Butler, is currently the best reference for how to access the ‘src’ catalog. More information about images and catalogs, including schema for the ‘src’ catalog, is in the DP0.1 Data Products Definitions Document: ls.st/dp0-1-dpdd

There is another tutorial notebook in development that will demonstrate how to build light curves; in the meantime, perhaps how to do source association between PVIs and build light curves would make a great topic for a co-working session during one of our Delegate Assembly breakout hours?

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Thanks that would be super helpful!

thanks for the awesome information.