The Rubin Data Products, Abridged (with DOI; Nov 2021)

The presentation linked below provides a brief informal summary, as of November 2021, of the planned Rubin Observatory data products and analysis tools, and outlines the boundary between what Rubin Observatory will generate and what will be left to the expertise of the science community.

The contents of this presentation are also discoverable via by clicking on “Understanding Data and Simulations”, or via by clicking on “Data Products”.

The Data Products Definitions Document (DPDD; and the publication “LSST: From Science Drivers to Reference Design and Anticipated Data Products” (Ivezić et al. 2019) remain the ultimate reference for descriptions of the planned LSST data products and pipelines.




Thank you very much for providing this, Melissa!

Agreed. A very clear introduction to the survey outputs and tools.