The EPO- Science Connection: How can LSST-EPO help you? How can you help us?

Many opportunities exist for scientists and early career researchers to collaborate with LSST EPO in the development, implementation and support of educational products to be used by schools and universities. We will propose an Unconference session at LSST2017 dedicated to the discussion of what’s possible, and we are posting here to get the conversation started and also to include those who may not be attending LSST2017, but wish to contribute.

Some talking points:

• Building and testing Python modules and activities in Jupyter notebooks
• Creating a network of science – education partners
• Professionals as local resource agents / mentors for regional educators
• Educational modules to be developed: What’s planned, what would you use?
• Implementing precursor data and LSST Simulated data into EPO Portal and science notebook activities
• Defining how scientist contributions to all of the above can tie into “Broader Impacts” for NSF grants


hi @aherrold- this sounds super, and i’d like to contribute – i won’t be attending in person, but can call into some of the sessions remotely, do you know when the EPO ones will be…?

We have two EPO sessions led by Amanda Bauer. Monday 11-12:30 BlueJeans 908179800 on Citizen Science,
and Thursday 3:30 - 5 BlueJeans 841704029 about branding, content and mockups.

If this session is chosen, it will be Wed. 3:30 -5 in one of the Unconference rooms. Either way, please fell free to be in contact to discuss your ideas after meeting as well.

Good deal, thx, i will call into the 11am session today (and it appears that AZ time is currently the same as CA time, so that’s 11am pdt, too).

Ok, I’m assuming Citizen Science mtg is actually today at 11am with the same connection code for BJeans…