The DP0.1 Feedback Survey: Positive Comments About DP0 in General

In September 2021, the Rubin Community Engagement Team (CET) invited Data Preview 0 (DP0) delegates to provide feedback about their experiences using the CET’s DP0.1 support resources. In another post, the CET summarized the top complaints and action items for the CET to address outstanding issues with their support resources.

Data Preview 0 is a Rubin-wide effort, with many people contributing their time and expertise towards deploying and maintaining the Rubin Science Platform and serving the DC2 data set for DP0. Although most of the survey’s questions focused just on specific aspects of the CET-prepared resources, delegates were also invited to provide general feedback, and they have made it clear that these efforts have been effective for them. Below is a selection of positive comments about DP0 in general.

  • Communication was very good and everyone was very helpful.
  • I am satisfied: it is a great opportunity for the community.
  • I would say that the communication, a lot of options and the amount of help we receive is the best part.
  • Great for an early access platform.
  • These [RSP] aspects are great… They generally open quickly and are available at all the times that I have logged in. Several times I was working on notebooks during the Thursday System updates (orange warning banner) and I never lost any of my work.
  • I’ve really enjoyed the bits I’ve used of the platform and the team have done a great job!
  • Very pleased with the result and looking forward to DP0.2.
  • This has been a great opportunity for me to learn new skills like ADQL and experiment with many python based astronomy packages. The RSP IDF has been remarkably easy to use with no open source dependency issues.
  • Good initiative to familiarize with RSP, and test the computational capacity.
  • I think all people are doing amazingly fine!