Summary: Delegate Assembly, Friday October 22

The planned presentation on “Image Processing” had to be cancelled, but will be rescheduled for a future date (to be determined; check the Delegate Assemblies schedule).

Eight participants presented single-slide Delegate Profiles to facilitate networking and collaboration (see slide deck below).

General DP0-related help and Q&A proceeded in the main Zoom room, while four breakout rooms were set up for the following topics. Any delegates who participated in the topical breakouts are encouraged to post a summary of their discussions as a reply in this thread.

1 - A repeat of the presentation from the first Delegate Assembly, a walk-through of the introductory DP0 Notebook, for new-to-DP0 delegates.
2 - Resolved stellar populations
3 - Supernovae Working Group
4 - Large Scale Structure

Since this Assembly had no formal presentation, it was not recorded.

DP0_Delegate_Assembly_2021-10-22.pdf (2.8 MB)

Hi Melissa, here is a brief report of the SNe WG breakout session.

In the first part of the session, we discussed the production of light curves with DP0 data. We talked about the tutorial notebook number 9 (by Jeff Carlin) and your notebook for SN multi-band light curve as useful starting points. I ran a small demo of your notebook and presented some additional cells (as part of a sketch notebook I’m working on) explaining how to access to all the information in the source tables, retrieve flux errors, convert them into magnitude errors and produce light curves tables and plots with error bars. Finally, we talked about future things to do.

In the second part of the session, Leanne Guy jumped in and explained us how to access the forced photometry table to look for additional information and how to make queries joining more tables togheter.

Any delegates interested in SNe and variability in general are invited to join the #tvs-dp0 Task Force slack channel and partecipate to the monthly meetings (the next telecon will be on Thursday, Oct. 28th at 6 p.m. CEST).

I will probably also be at the Stack Club this Friday to keep working on notebooks.

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