Summary: Delegate Assembly, Fri Nov 5

During the DP0 Delegate Assembly on Friday November 5th we had our first two delegate presenters, Louise Edwards (@lovedwards-astro) and Kristen Larson (@krislars), provide us with demonstrations of their DP0-related work, as outlined below.

I am very, very sorry to report that I forgot to record this session, and want to thank Louise and Kristen again for being our first delegate presenters.

The Jupyter Notebooks presented by Louise and Kristen can be found in our shared “delegate-contributions-dp01” repository of the rubin-dp0 GitHub Organization. Instructions to git clone this repository are provided on the third slide of the PDF attached below. These notebooks will only work in the Notebook Aspect of the Rubin Science Platform deployed at the Interim Data Facility.

  • Louise Edwards, “StructureAroundCluster_090521.ipynb” – A notebook demonstrating how to select red sequence galaxies and visualize their large scale structure using an adaptive kernel technique.

  • Kristen Larson, “extinction.ipynb” – A notebook demonstrating how to investigate and find extinction with the truth table, including a demonstration of the NICER technique as applied to DP0 data.

Slide deck: DP0_Delegate_Assembly_slides_2021-11-05.pdf (2.5 MB)

All DP0 Delegates are welcome to volunteer to present your DP0-related investigations during the future Delegate Assemblies on Nov 19 2021 or Jan 14 2022, or later in 2022. Presentations could be anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes, use a slide-based or Notebook-based format, and focus on early-stage or completed work. Up to you!