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I installed w.2017.41 via newinstall (using the v14 copy of newinstall), just a couple of days ago. I allowed it to install miniconda3 for me. The package list looks a bit old, including matplotlib 1.5.1. I’m testing some updates to code that includes matplotlib 2 features. Taking a peek at the package list in github, it appears there was an upgrade on Sept 6th, which includes matplotlib 2:

I don’t see any particular tags or branches that would indicate what version of conda3_packages-linux-64.txt is used during the installation process - how is that determined, and do I have any control over it? I hear that the shared stack on lsst-dev is using matplotlib 2.x, is that done by using lsstsw instead? I’m open to doing that instead, but I’m also trying to maintain some amount of reproducibility.

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you need to use master version of to get the updated package list. v14.0 has old conda packages.

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14.0 was branched prior to w_2017_41 and the conda env has since been updataed. I recommend using from master when not installing an official release. selects the conda environment files to use by git ref (typically abbreviated sha1). The default may be overridden by declaring the env var LSSTSW_REF. The current default value is 10a4fa6. Note that this is considered advanced functionality and isn’t guaranteed to be a stable interface. Migrating the env files out of the lsst/lsstsw the will hopefully happen before the 15.0 release.

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