Science Pipelines Release 22.0.0 Now Available

Version 22.0.0 of the LSST Science Pipelines is now available. Extensive documentation including installation instructions, release notes, and scientific characterization are available at:

Major changes in functionality and/or interfaces are listed at:

Many thanks to @ktl, @timj, @jsick, @jeffcarlin, @leanne and @natelust for their contributions to this release. And, of course, thank you DM developers for all the new features and bug fixes that went into it.


Unfortunately, we have discovered a problem with building the 22.0.0 release from source (e.g. with on macOS. This problem does not occur on our CentOS 7 reference platform or with other Linux distributions.

As a workaround, you can run as follows:

$ export LSST_SPLENV_REF=v22_0_0_rc1
$ bash

which will allow proper source building.

We are anticipating issuing a 22.0.1 release to fix this problem.

Thanks for the news. I have successfully run though the pipeline with V21 and now plan to repeat the process with V22.

Science Pipelines Release 22.0.1 is now available. This release incorporates patches to the sconsUtils package to allow it to be used with recent versions of the conda compilers on macOS. There are no other code changes, and the documentation in for Release 22.0.0 remains valid.

Note that rubin-env version 0.4.3 is to be used with this release, and that a new build of this environment is available that better guarantees compatibility with the Science Pipelines source. If you have previous newinstall or lsstsw environments, you may want to re-create or update them.