Rubin Observatory Documentary Project

[This is my first post to the community.] PI Alison Rose, Inigo Films, based in Toronto, ON & the grant administrators, Filmmakers Collaborative, based in Boston, MA are very pleased to share the news with Rubin Project and Community, that the “Rubin Observatory Documentary Project” (working title) was today April 1, 2021 – this is not a joke – awarded an NSF EAGER (Early Grant for Exploratory Research) "to recruit a diverse world-class team to develop, edit and launch a web based Rubin Observatory Documentary Channel of short shareable videos…

Intellectual Merit
Rubin Observatory makes possible a critical mass of character-driven science documentary programming that will allow audiences to see themselves reflected in diverse members of the Rubin team, and to learn by example the scientific method, and the values underlying the project and its science collaborations. The ongoing web series of short, shareable series will prepare the general public to join Rubin operations, where Rubin’s survey will welcome and benefit from millions of citizen-scientists participating in exploration and discovery. The web series will also provide Rubin scientists and engineers with media training to tell their stories. This will broaden participation, increase enrolment in STEM, boost scientific literacy, and trust in scientists."

I want to take this moment – to thank everyone – for their support and openness to my development work to date. I look forward to the next phase of work.

Alison Rose, OOnt.


Excellent news! Congratulations Alison.

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