Resources for Python beginners

The purpose of this topic is to allow DP0 delegates to share their favorite resources for learning to code with Python. Please reply in this thread with links to resources that you have found particularly useful for learning Python.

The DP0.1 documentation provides a few suggestions for new-to-Python DP0 delegates, here. This documentation notes that anyone new to Python and looking to learn more might benefit from this Python for Beginners website (which includes links to tutorials in a variety of languages), and that web searches for β€œpython (thing you want to do)” are usually pretty successful too – they often lead to python-tagged posts on the Stack Overflow forum.

Another efficient way to learn Python is by example, and the DP0.1 Jupyter Notebook tutorials contain executable examples of the commands required to access and analyze data. All DP0 delegates should feel 100% free to copy and paste from the provided tutorials.

Here are some additional links to tutorials for python and a few of the commonly-used packages that contain tools for astronomy (astropy), plotting (matplotlib), and array-based math (numpy):

The internet is full of great coding resources – what are your favorites?

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