Proposed New Category: Alerts & Brokers (a sub-category of Science)

Name: “Alerts & Brokers” (proposed to be a sub-category of “Science”)

Motivation: The distribution and brokering of alerts from precursor surveys is already well underway, and gaining momentum. There is not currently a dedicated area on for people to discuss alerts and brokers, but based on the level of development and scientific activity in this area, it would be quite useful.

"About the Alerts & Brokers category" Topic text: For technical and scientific discussions related to alerts and brokers. This includes alerts from the Rubin Observatory LSST, as well as other relevant surveys. Everyone should feel welcome to participate by posting new Topics and threaded replies about alerts and brokers.
[Followed by the “new to community” content in all “About the …” topics.]

The default security settings will be adequate for this category.


Great idea! I support this new category

I support this, it seems like a great way to foster project-community interaction.

This sounds very helpful!

Given the quick positive feedback, and the Brokers Workshop which is starting this morning, I’m going to go ahead and get this category set up now instead of waiting for additional feedback.