Pinned post or banner or?

I want to make a post that serves as a reference post for people in the survey strategy category. Folks have had a hard time finding particular topics, so I wanted to provide some guidance through the timeline of forum posts (kind of add an extra dimension, I guess?).

It seems like a pinned post becomes unpinned as soon as you read it? Is this just something about my settings or is it for everyone? Is there something else I can do to keep my ‘pinned’ post at an easy to reach and obvious spot? Do I need to make it a banner? (this seems like it makes the post float at the top of every page when people read topics, and I don’t think that’s quite what I was wanting either). Or is there something else?

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It’s a preference.

That’s right. Aside from teaching folks to keep that topic pinned (and possibly undoing their own personal preferences regarding pins), I’m not sure pins are a solid solution for keeping a topic above the fold long-term. Specifically, we can’t unilaterally change the pin preferences for existing users.

I did add a link to the post from the category description, though since Survey Strategy is a subcategory, that description isn’t highlighted on the homepage. @MelissaGraham, perhaps we can think about whether “Science” as a parent category might be unpacked such that its current subcategories become top-level categories? That could be useful as we reorient the forum for ops.

I think there’s a way to modify the theme such that the category description (which would link to the highlights topic) appears at the top of the page when browsing a category’s posts. I’ll do a bit more work to see if we can make that happen.

In the meantime, I turned Community Survey Strategy Highlights into a wiki to make it easier to continually update. Let me know if that doesn’t work for you and I can revert it.

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Re. banners – when we implement @jeffcarlin’s proposed homepage banner we want to also choose a theme that supports category (and sub-category) banners to serve use-cases like @ljones’s, too. E.g.,

So far I have not found a way to make a post that is unpinnable by users, though, so banners seem like the answer here. Unless, @jsick, if you find a way to make the category description always appear at the top, that sounds even better (because then we don’t have to make banner content for all categories).