OpSim v4 -- community access?

Are there any plans to make newer versions of OpSim available to the community, in order test custom observing strategies within the science collaborations? I’m thinking, in particular, of the upcoming call for white paper proposals on the cadence.

As far as I can see, v3.3.8 is still the most recent available – unless there is some other distribution channel which I have missed.


Hi Martin,
we will provide a docker image for OpSim v4, and documentation for how to use it, including configuration files for ~10 simulated cadences produced with v4 to support this call for white papers. Due to limited resources, we are not committed to user support such as permanent help desk (and white paper authors do not have to run OpSim), but our team will do its best to respond whenever possible. If you are planning to run OpSim, I would strongly encourage you to attend the LSST Project and Community Workshop in August. All our OpSim experts will attend it and you would be able to work with them directly and in real time.

Great – thanks for clarifying, Zeljko.