Obtaining sample simulated images

I am working on some basic LSST image tests, and I was wondering if there are any sample images produced by PhoSim available for download. It doesn’t matter what the sky location is. I am just looking for a simulated g or i band image in standard fits format. Is anything like that available?

Here are two fits images from a set of simulations I’ve been using to test DCR correction. These are not made with PhoSim, but they mimic it’s format and can be used with the LSST stack using the obs_lsstSim camera package. The code that produced these can be found here: https://github.com/lsst-dm/starfast_simulator

This page


also mentions a globus endpoint which is supposed to contain example PhoSim images.

Hi, have you seen these images, by any chance? They seem strange to me as they don’t look anything like stars on a background. The background consists of “rippled” or smooth changes from dark to light. I wonder what was the purpose of those simulations.
Does anybody know?

Hi everyone, I had a look at the images above and they seem simulations of crowded star fields. Are there images with simulated galaxies also? Do you also have simulated source parameters associated to images? I’d like to run my procedures of galaxy modeling and I’d like to have some input-output parameter plot. Thanks a lot!