LSST2017 science breakout sessions

Dear science collaboration members:

You may be interested in some of the LSST2017 breakout sessions next week (Aug 14-18), which will (i) support remote participation via BlueJeans and (ii) cover material of interest to many on this mailing list. We encourage you to peruse the agenda below, but wish to draw your attention in particular to the following breakouts (all times Tucson local, i.e. MST, and each breakout lasts 90 minutes):

Tues 08/15, 11:00am - “The Project - Science Community interface - How can we support each other?” - BlueJeans 182050302

Tues 08/15, 1:30pm - “Deep Drilling Fields and Mini-surveys” - BlueJeans 182050302

Tues 08/15, 3:30pm - “Milky Way and Microlensing Science” - BlueJeans 182050302

Tues 08/15, 3:30pm - “New Deblending Algorithms” - BlueJeans 841704029

Weds 08/16, 11:00am - “What to expect at the LSST DAC” - BlueJeans 361449888

Weds 08/16, 1:30pm - “Developing Science Metrics with MAF” - BlueJeans 841704029

Thurs 08/17, 11:00am - “The ZTF Alert Stream” - BlueJeans 361449888

Link to the Agenda website:


Will Clarkson
Rachel Street
John Gizis

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