LSST science platform demos at LSST2018

The LSP demos and stack club workshops require users to have a LSST account. If one doesn’t have the account, it can be easily attained for use during this conference.

  1. Go to and hit the button for “Register a new user and join”
  2. Please enter some basic information. After entering, hit the “enter and join” button at the bottom.
  3. The identity verification system will send you a email from
  4. You need to respond to that email verifying your email address.
  5. The NCSA LSST team will approve your account and provision directories for LSP.
  6. You will get a 2nd email with a additional code to login with.
  7. You should be good to go.

******* Remember that this access is ONLY during this conference because the hotel is part of the firewall only for this week to the lsst lsp demo site, however this will be your LSST account. At future conferences and demos we will allow these accounts back into the lsp-demo site as the needs arise.

If any questions or problems arise you can go to for help.

Brilliant! Thanks very much, @mbutlerncsa :slight_smile: I just tested this out, and managed to get all the way through step 5 successfully. I got stuck on the last step for a while: after I verified my email address, the form asked me to enter by username and then also an access code. This second access code was not the one in the email verification step, but a second one that was emailed to me after I completed step 4 (thanks @ksk for pointing out that I needed to check my email again!).

I didn’t then manage to get on to the LSST Science Platform at though, because it needed VPN and duo authentication and all that. Will everyone need to do that on Monday in Tucson?

Thanks again!

Great! I will add the 2nd email to the instructions.

VPN and DUO. No. The Hotel’s IP address has been added to our firewall and it will NOT require a VPN/DUO connection to get to the LSPdev environment. This process will ONLY work while folks are at the hotel though. We are not ready to support users outside of developers for the LSP except for these types of demo weeks.


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Excellent! That’s going to make it really easy to get started at the PCW :slight_smile:

We are not ready to support users outside of developers for the LSP except for these types of demo weeks…

…and the members of the Stack Club! All: come and find out how you can become an early adopter (and tester) of the marvelous LSST Science Platform on Monday afternoon, Joshua Tree, 1:30pm:

Some more information for those interested in participating in tutorials:

  • Once you have an account, the actual log-in URL for the notebook environment is See for more information, but note that the VPN mentioned there should not be necessary to use the environment from this meeting.

  • We currently recommend using the weekly w_2018_32 release and a size of at least medium for the main tutorials. Note that the blending workshop tutorial requires w_2018_32.

  • Some notebooks will come pre-installed in the notebook environment, but the most extensive one does not. Clone and look in workshops/lsst2018 within the notebook environment to get it. There are also some notebooks from previous workshops there, but they may not work without modification.

  • In addition to the Monday Stack Club session kick-off @drphilmarshall mentioned, you may want to attend Hands-On Deblending session Tuesday 3:30-5pm for a deblending-focused tutorial led by @fred3m.

  • You can drop by the DM Hack Room (Agave I/II) most sessions to get help or ask questions.

  • You can get back to this thread easily via