LSST EPO JTM workshop slides and feedback

Thanks to everyone who could make it to our LSST EPO JTM workshop yesterday! We covered a wide range of audience needs and proposed solutions:

I’ll post the video recording soon but here are the presentation slides to get started.

We’d love to hear feedback from everyone (including those who were unable to attend). Please submit your feedback by Friday March 17 if possible:


  1. Click to open: InVision feedback tool

  2. Providing a name and email helps us circle back with feedback, updates, and ongoing conversation but if you’d like to remain anonymous just use “anonymous” for name and "" for email.

  3. Enter password: goodfuture

  4. Click the circle in the bottom-right to enter comment mode and then click anywhere to add a comment dot with your notes

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FYI, the video recording from the LSST EPO JTM workshop is now available: