Job Opportunity: Project Manager for LSST and PFS Software Effort at Princeton

Dear colleagues,

Princeton University is currently recruiting a project manager to coordinate its contributions to the LSST and Subaru Prime Focus Spectrograph software efforts.

On the LSST side, the job will involve working closely with a team of up to fifteen scientists and developers, embedded within the larger LSST DM effort, to plan and execute the development of LSST’s Science Pipelines — this is a great opportunity to take a leading role in making sure that LSST really lives up to its potential and delivers the groundbreaking science we’re all excited about. The PFS team is smaller, which means there’s more scope to dive in and start making really substantial contributions to the codebase.

We’d be delighted to receive applications from folks at all career stages, but I reckon this position would be particularly suited to somebody with substantial software development experience who is looking to expand into a managerial role.

Details and the application procedure are available here. I’d be happy to discuss the position further if you have any questions — feel free to contact me directly, or seek me out at LSST2017 next week.