Installing pywwt into LSP notebook aspect

Hi all —

I’m interested in seeing if pywwt could be installed into the LSP Jupyter(Lab) framework as an LSST data visualization option (live pywwt demo notebooks: here). It’s a pretty straightforward Python package, but full integration does require a bit of fiddling with various sorts of Jupyter extensions to get everything working (install docs: here). The LSP docs say that I should make such a request here, so that’s what I’m doing. Thanks!

Hi @pkgw, thanks for suggesting this. We’ve made an internal ticket for it:, but we’ll update you here too.

Thanks! Apologies for the newbie question, but — looks like I can view the JIRA ticket, but not sign up for the JIRA to follow/comment there?

Sorry, we don’t have a mechanism for creating Jira accounts for folks outside the project. I know that means you won’t be able to get Jira notification emails, but again, we’ll do our best to update this topic with our progress. Feel free to add comments here too.

If you use a daily jlbleed version from September 9 or later, it’s in there. (It will not be prepulled on -stable so it will take a while to load.) Eventually this should be merged up to a stable daily/weekly build but we still have some more iteration to go through before we’re ready to make our bleed JL2 build the recommended stable version.

Returning to this thread from a while ago … thanks for doing this! And I see that our JupyterLab extension is available too, which is fantastic.

WWT’s latest-and-greatest features turn out to need a small Jupyter server extension: wwt_kernel_data_relay, which makes it possible for kernels to request to make some of their data available at semi-stable URLs. I’d like to request that it be added as well.

I can start a new forum thread for this topic if that would be better.

(Also, our lab extension is now available to be installed as a prebuilt Python package, wwt_jupyterlab_extension, if there is a desire to switch to installing extensions this way instead of the “source” way.)

I have been informed by my manager that installation of pywwt (as driven by this thread) did not follow the process for user requests for new functionality. She is understandably wary of supporting a whole new visualization framework.

If you are a DP0.1 user, can you please open an issue against GitHub - rubin-dp0/Support: Submit Github Issues related to DP0 summarizing the request (including installation of the original pywwt package) and describe how you’re going to use it?

OK, filed as [SUGGESTION] Install AAS WorldWide Telescope JupyterLab components · Issue #19 · rubin-dp0/Support · GitHub . Thanks!

Thank you!