How to react if your post is flagged

So your post has been flagged for moderation. What should you do next?

The details of what action you should take depends a bit on why your post was flagged (see below), but in pretty much all cases it suffices to say: please swiftly edit your post accordingly.

  1. Off-topic: This flag does not indicate that you’ve done anything wrong! Flat threading has some great advantages, but discussions will inevitably evolve and topic purity is essential to keeping the forum searchable. Moderators might move posts flagged as off-topic into new threads in order to help your content maintain visibility and to encourage further topical discussion. Proceed with your discussion in the new thread.
  2. Inappropriate: At first flagging, you will be sent a personal message about the flag and will have the option to edit your post, which will unhide it. Moderators might also allow you the chance to edit your post (see above). Please review our Community Guidelines before you edit your post.
  3. Spam: If you did not intend for your post to be interpretable as vandalism or advertising, please review the Terms of Service and edit your post to be appropriate.

Automatic Flags
Please be aware that there are some limits placed on posts from new accounts to avoid spam (e.g., a maximum number of external links, uploaded images, attached files). Situations in which an enthusiastic person with a new account writes a big first post to, for example, introduce a new program or provide an overview of ongoing work, might find themselves automatically flagged. Please do not worry! Such big first posts from earnest account holders are most welcome. A moderator will see this and remove any automatic flags from your post.

Please reply in this thread with any questions or comments about the process of having your posts flagged in this forum.