Games Night(s) @ LSST2017

As is now customary, we are going to try and get a room for board games in the evenings during the project and community workshop. Spouses, kids, etc welcome - it’s all very ad-hoc and informal but bonus if you’re familiar enough with a game’s rules to run a game, because reading instructions by committee works as well as you might guess…

We will be using the Hospitality Lounge (aka Palo Verde) room after any project social events but by past experience that tends to mean ~7pm onwards (thanks @rgill). As far as we know it’s okay to bring your beer along.

In the meanwhile, if anyone is planning on bringing specific games leave them in the comments and I will collate them.

Tucsonans: If you’re bringing games and intend to leave them at the hotel overnight, please label them with your name and put them all in a box for easy transport to @isullivan’s room. If you see visitors planning on bringing games you have, take over their entry (replace their name with yours) so they don’t have to lug them all this way.

Game list (WIP)


Will anyone who is staying at the hotel volunteer to store games in their room so we don’t have to shuttle them back and forth every time - last time it was @KSK but now he’s local…

I’m happy to let people store games in my room.

I wasn’t aware this was a thing at the workshops, but I can bring Codenames and Monty Python Fluxx.

I am currently planning to bring Viticulture and Evolution. I could bring Pandemic, Dominion, or any combination of Catans instead, but I’ll probably only have room for two games. Happy to receive votes on what to bring.

I can check if there is space in the LOC nerve centre (a room that is in the same area as the conference)…? I mean for storing the games

It’s more of a DM meeting thing (started as a reaction to the soccer games for those of us to unfit and fond of not getting up at 6am to chase after a ball), but we’ve never had a “too many people” problem so let’s see how this goes…

I was probably going to bring Bomb Squad (cooperative limited-information game like Hanabi, except there’s a timer and you have to program a robot too), and see if we can get through a few rounds of it this time. Beyond that, Ian and I were going to bring a couple copies of Star Realms, to have 4-way games of it. I’ll bring a few other smaller games, too.

And yes, more people are always great! We’ve always had more games than people, so no worries there.

I know it says spouses and kids welcome, but would anyone else actually be interested in playing some games with my 4 year old? it’s a completely different level than the games discussed so far, but it might be fun for either my husband or me to be able to come play some games with the kid and some other kids or even adults willing to play super easy games?

Games we could bring that 4yo could play herself: Uno (well, cards up so far) or Press Here (this is actually a neat concept - pattern building!) or Spot-It

We could of course play slightly more complicated games helping her, if that worked better. Lots of other games we could play, but for a lot of games we’re still working on the idea of following the rules rather than just making up your own.

I have a variety of kids’ games, and I could bring one or two (and play them with the kids). I have Robot Turtles (a programming game), My First Carcassone, and several cooperative kids games like Outfoxed (collect clues and suspects to figure out who is guilty). I would only have room to bring one of those, though I’d be happy to lend more to you if you have more room in your luggage.

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Awesome! I don’t know any of those games - which do you think would be most fun? I don’t know if we’d have much extra room, but we can see … lugging stuff for two kids already.

@isullivan I have Robot Turtles, don’t worry (added it to the list).

@ljones We can always bribe the older kids to play with the younger kids :slight_smile:
Srsly, it’s a social event not a poker competition, it will be fine…

So apparently we can’t use the DM Hack Lounge on Monday. I’ll see what else there is, otherwise we might have to camp out at the bar…

The Hospitality Lounge (Palo Verde) is available for gaming tonight. The games Adam and I brought are in there now. It is much better set up for gaming that the DM Hacking Lounge, so we will try and keep it for the rest of the week.

Locals will likely evaporate tonight since there are no pm agenda items, but we hope to join in tomorrow (Tuesday) night. @isullivan is responsible for the games overnight but Adam’s box is a bit disintegraty so please give him a hand.