From Raft Testing to ComCam

From Raft Testing to ComCam: Raft test data, organized via the eTraveler database is now available. In this session, we explore the obs_comCam package under development with DM, and how to interact with databases via the Butler. We’ll also discuss what needs to go into obs_comCam before ComCam first light, including potential simulation of comCam. This is a follow-on to the original session at the 2017 JTM, and related to the CCB item: “Integrate DM and Camera data systems early”. Submitted with @cwalter and @drphilmarshall

Hi Richard - FWIW, there is a session suggested by Kevin Reil about ComCam, that has an eye on science participation.

This suggested session sounds more technical-Project than the suggestions that may engage the science community, that I’m sweeping up right now. Let me know if I’ve misunderstood. If I haven’t - I suggest that you reach out to Kevin Reil and/or Steve Ritz and/or Chuck Claver re: ComCam related topics that you all would like to see at LSST2017.

Thanks @bethwillman - we know Kevin well! :slight_smile: I looked for his proposed session on here and couldn’t find it - if you could drop Kevin’s blurb in here we could think about how they relate to each other. Our proposal was really a Camera-meets-DM get together, but we hoped it would be of interest to those members of the science community who are looking to become serious DM Stack users (eg in preparation for Level 3 activity).