EPO Monthly Status Report for September

The EPO monthly status report covering September has been posted (Docushare, Collection-4817), direct link to pdf: http://docushare.lsstcorp.org/docushare/dsweb/Get/Version-40054/EPO_Monthly_Progress_Report_201609.pdf

High-Level Summary:

EPO’s main focus in September was preparing for the upcoming Operations and Commissioning reviews. In particular, an updated EPO requirements document currently in review (see LCR-777), an updated EPO Operations staffing plan currently in review, mapping of EPO dependencies to DM milestones, an updated EPO Design document which refines the vision set forth in the 2013 EPO Baseline Design, and preliminary requirements mapping for developing a commissioning verification & validation matrix.

Regarding EPO construction planning, work is underway to refine our subsystem’s WBS structure and define long-range plans in JIRA. Our construction focus for October will be cloud architecture and UI planning as well as integrating our new EPO hire, Ellen Bechtol, into the project.

In other staffing news, we’ve concluded final in-person interviews for the Head of Education and Public Outreach position and Victor Krabbendam (the hiring authority) is reviewing hiring committee input and working with HR to prepare an offer package.