EPO Monthly Status Report for November

The EPO monthly status report covering November has been posted (Docushare, Collection-4817), direct link to pdf: http://docushare.lsstcorp.org/docushare/dsweb/Get/Version-41417/EPO_Monthly_Progress_Report_201611.pdf

High-Level Summary:

EPO participated in the LSST Operations Planning Review (November 7-9), providing an overview of EPO’s goals, requirements, planned deliverables, staffing model, and budget. Feedback from the review panel and LSST’s change control process will further refine our EPO Requirements (LSE-89), DM/EPO Interface (LSE-131), EPO Design (LEP-31), and Operations Plan (LPM-181). In addition, verification matrix work continues in preparation for the January Commissioning Review.

In other November activities, EPO continues to assist Communications in evaluating Digital Asset Management solutions, we have monthly meetings with Chris Lintott (Zooniverse), and are publishing job opportunities to grow our EPO team (Science Writer posted in November and Education Specialist and Cloud System Administrator will post in December). In addition, we hosted an LSST EPO Colloquium with special guest Amanda Bauer, visiting from the Australian Astronomical Observatory, who has been selected as the LSST Head of Education and Public Outreach starting next March. Per the EPO-309 opportunity “EPO partnerships for knowledge sharing”, we participated in SDSS’ EPO webinar and also met with both NOAO and DES to discuss their EPO programs. Finally, our User Experience subcontract was awarded and a kickoff workshop to begin the 10-week needs assessment will be hosted in December.