EPO Monthly Status Report for August

The EPO monthly status report covering August has been posted (Docushare, Collection-4817), direct link to pdf: http://docushare.lsstcorp.org/docushare/dsweb/Get/Version-38753/EPO_Monthly_Progress_Report_201608.pdf

High-Level Summary:

LSST is pleased to welcome Ellen Bechtol to the team. Ellen was hired as the EPO Evaluation Specialist in the LSST Project Office in Tucson and will routinely evaluate the EPO program for efficiency, effectiveness, and appeal as well as assist with EPO program development. Ellen holds an M.A. in Museum Studies from John F. Kennedy University and is coming from Madison, Wisconsin where she was serving as Interim Director of the Madison Science Museum and providing EPO evaluation for: the Wisconsin IceCube Particle Astrophysics Center (WIPAC), University of Wisconsin-Extension, Madison Public Library, and Serrell & Associates. Her desire to improve diversity and equality extends farther than the workplace, including volunteering to cycle across the country for Bike & Build (in support of affordable housing). Her dedication, research, experience, and contacts will prove invaluable for LSST EPO. Ellen can be reached at ebechtol@lsst.org

In other staffing news, after many years of dedicated service to LSST, Tim Axelrod has decided to retire from LSST EPO for bluer skies and although we’re sad to see him go we’re excited for his new pursuits and wish him the very best! In addition, we’re concluding final in-person interviews for the Head of Education and Public Outreach position, with the goal of selecting the finalist in early September.

Other August updates include the NSF/DOE Joint Status Review which went well, producing a number of helpful takeaways for EPO. There were also a number of productive discussions and face-to-face meetings at the 2016 LSST Workshop.