Data Management Glossary

Does the DM glossary have a new home or is this page still being maintained?

The Confluence page mentioned hasn’t been modified since 2014, and it doesn’t reflect some revisions to DM terminology that were introduced as part of the recent replan.

There is also the very useful Astro Glossary (last updated Jan 2015) linked to the same confluence page as the DMS Glossary.

The question is whether there is a plan to maintain these glossaries, or whether the glossaries have been (or will be) moved to a different documentation area. Also, are suggestions for additions useful/welcome? If so, where is it best to post them?

These are the glossaries I know about:

There has been talk of merging these into the MagicDraw SysML model. @cclaver might know more about that.

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A fairly complete glossary (with a search interface) is available at the public URL

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