Community Scientist positions with Rubin Observatory

Deadline: Jan 16 2022
Job Ad:

NOIRLab and the Vera C. Rubin Observatory invite applications for scientific staff positions as Community Scientists with the Rubin Community Engagement Team (CET). These appointments are expected to be on the tenure track.

Rubin Community Scientists are astronomers with experience in wide-field optical imaging surveys, large scientific collaborations, web-based data analysis platforms, and/or research aligned with the main LSST science goals.

The CET’s strategy for community engagement has three main components:

  1. facilitate access to and analysis of the data products via the Rubin Science Platform,
  2. coordinate the expertise of the project staff and the science community to resolve issues, and
  3. nurture and empower a self-supporting and collaborative community.

More information about the Rubin Community Engagement Model can be found in Questions about the position, or about CET’s responsibilities and current activities, can be directed to the Lead Community Scientist (@MelissaGraham).

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