Breakout Session on Web Technologies

I thought it might be nice to have an EPO breakout on the topic of web technologies so HTML/JS/Cloud people could gather and discuss astronomy JS libraries, web-friendly FITS tools, and REST-friendly astronomy data formats. Thoughts?

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Hi Ben,

I think quite a bit of this would likely be covered under any Data Access sessions, which would include SUIT and DAX teams. I’m not sure if we’ll have a separate VO session for this meeting, but that would definitely cover data formats and astronomy friendly REST apis. That said, I think those talks would be a bit more oriented towards active development of those services, and it might be interesting to have a breakout to discuss possible technologies and directions moving forward. Is there anything specific you might have in mind?

Thanks, Brian, for your comments. I didn’t see a request by DM/SUIT/DAX for a data access/format breakout but I’d be happy to join forces if they did instead of creating an overlapping duplicate.

Regarding the web tools discussion, other than the Firefly Viewer, Zooniverse WebFITS libraries, fitsjs, and Clearsky Viewer, I’m not familiar with other web-based tools for viewing FITS data. Perhaps people could just add links to this post rather than setting up a full breakout session.

Update: now that DM has posted their breakouts I’ll join in with those efforts.