Are there DP0-relevant tutorials in the LSSTC DSFP repository?

In response to the CET’s recent efforts to provide links to more external beginner-friendly learning resources (such as these posts on getting started with python and SQL/ADQL), the repository of sessions for the LSSTC Data Science Fellowship Program (DSFP) was recently brought to my attention (see link below).

This repo looks to be jam-packed with demos on using git, databases, machine learning codes, statistical techniques, data visualization packages, and effective communication methods – and that’s just from looking at the daily schedule for the first of thirteen sessions!

So I wanted to create this opportunity for any of our DP0 Delegates who were also DSFP students or instructors to perhaps highlight any of the tutorials or demonstrations from the DSFP that they remember, and thing might be most useful to other Delegates. Perhaps someone would like to modify one to work with DP0 data and then present it at a future DP0 Delegate Assembly. :wink: