All DP0 applicants have now been invited to participate

As the first few months of Data Preview 0 (DP0) have gone well, we are happy to announce that everyone who applied to participate in DP0 earlier this year has now been invited to become a DP0 delegate.

If you applied to participate in DP0 but did not yet receive an invitation email (check your spam!), please contact Melissa Graham at your earliest convenience.

If you did not apply to participate in DP0 earlier this year, know that Rubin Observatory still anticipates opening a second round of applications for new DP0 participants in early 2022, as originally planned.

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Thanks Melissa,
Can you please share the link to the Delegate application form? I’ve been entrenched in learning Gen3 of the pipeline and forgot to explore this…for only for exploration sake.

Hi @fsklich, I’m sorry I can’t share it because the application form closed in Apr 2021. We were not able to accommodate everyone who applied at that time, and many people have been on the waitlist for the past few months. It is just those individuals that we are now able to extend invitations to.

One follow-up statement:

At this time we are only expanding the number of DP0 participants to include those who applied but were not selected in June, and have been on the waitlist ever since. We are not yet able to accommodate all of the many requests for “Plus One” accounts.

I understand the backlog as you have explained it.
I only wanted to see the content of the “form”. Is that unsharable?

Yes, the first application form is now deprecated – we will use a new form for the next round of applications.

So, you are saying that no curious parties are allowed to see the form…even the deprecated form.

I’m sorry I used the term “deprecated” when I should have said “deactivated” – the form is closed and not sharable anymore. But I can certainly tell you that the form was very simple, and just collected basic personal information like name, science interests, career stage, and affiliation type, and gave applicants an opportunity to identify as a member of underrepresented groups in astronomy.

The Rubin Tech Note “Guidelines for Community Participation in Data Preview 0”, might be even more informative if it’s the details of the DP0 application and selection process that you’re after?

okay, thanks Melissa. I’ll re-read this info for reinforcement.

Update: we are now able to accommodate delegates who indicated an interest in a “Plus One” account when they originally applied to participate in DP0. These individuals have been notified by email.