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Ask science questions about LSST data products and the Science Platform. Questions will be monitored by the Data Management team and answered in a timely fashion.

As often as possible, the answers will point to permanent locations of change-controlled LSST documentation. When applicable, answers will give some indication of their lifetime relevancy (e.g., interim vs. permanently adopted algorithms). The forum contents will not be updated in perpetuity or historically curated, and should be considered more of a live conversation and not an FAQ database.

In this category, please start a new topic for each unique question. Use a succinct title containing representative keywords, and then describe your question. When necessary, feel free to upload plots or provide links to external material. If discussions evolve into different issues, start a new thread. This will ensure that the information we generate will be searchable and easily accessible to all.

Questions about installing and using the LSST Science Pipelines software should be directed to the Support category.

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